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Rat Control Treatment Pack 1

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Rat Control Treatment Pack 1 contains all the rat pest control products that you will need to kill, stop and get rid of a small infestation of rats.

Our Rat Control Treatment Pack 1 can be of use indoors or outdoors.


* 1 x 750g Ruby / Raco whole grain rat poison in 20x throwbags bait as used by professional pest control companies

* 1 x Plastic tamper resistant rat poison bait box ( with key )

* 10 x Rat bait trays

* 1 x Pair of gloves

* 1 x Advice Sheet, giving advice on how and where best to use the Rat Control Treatment Pack 1 for maximum effect.

Please Note: The rat poison in this Rat Control Treatment Pack 1 is the same strength as used by Professional Pest Control Companies. The poison bait also has an attractant, which attracts the rats to eat it more quickly.

The Tamper Resistant rat poison bait box is weather resistant and lockable but if you use the bait trays outside, these should be protected so as to avoid weather damage of the loose rat poison.

Once you have got rid of your rat infestation, you may consider the use of an electronic rat repeller to make sure the rodents do not return. Please see below:

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