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Ruby / Raco Whole Grain Rat Poison Bait 1kg

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Ruby / Raco Whole Grain Rat Poison Bait is most pallatable to rats who will readily consume this product.

Comes ready to use, this rodenticide is for the control of rats indoors and outdoors to effectively eliminate and eradicate a rat infestation.

Rats like to eat in dark places and so you are advised to use this loose whole wheat poison in our plastic bait stations.

Alternatively if you place the Ruby / Raco Whole Grain Rat Poison Bait in our bait trays, you are best to place these under sheds, decking or under bushes outside. Or if your problem with rats is inside the house, you can place these bait trays behind kitchen plynths or under floor boards and skirtings etc.

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Price: 9.16 (10.99 inc. VAT)

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